Incentives for Croatia

Incentives In Croatia: Active Measures

National Level - Incentives for combined (intermodal) transport of cargo

Legal basis

Law on combined transport of cargo (O.G. 120/2016) (Cro. Zakon o kombiniranom prijevozu tereta, NN 120/2016); Ordinance on incentives in combined transport of cargo (O.G. 5/2018) (Cro. Pravilnik o poticajima u kombiniranom prijevozu terete, NN 5/2018)


Additional definition and correction of basic terms and distances, and introduction of incentives for combined transport. Further harmonization of regulatory framework with relevant EU directives.


The transport organizer, the railway operator and the owner or user of motor vehicles and trailer vehicles registered in the Republic of Croatia are entitled to incentives.


The following incentives are envisaged by the law and ordinance:

  • Release of quotas and permits.

    The combined cargo transport services (which are in line with the definition written in the law) are exempt from all quota and permit systems in the Member States.

  • Incentives in combined transport of goods by rail, inland water or sea.

    (1) In the case of combined transport of cargo by rail, inland water or sea, the organizer of the transport shall be entitled to a fee of 150.00 HRK (approx. 20 EUR), per truck, trailer, semi-trailer, with or without tow truck, interchangeable crate or container of 20 feet or more, by which combined transport of cargo was carried out. (2) A rail freight carrier carrying cargo in combined transport shall be entitled to the incentive in the amount of 2.00 HRK (approx. 0.26 EUR) per train kilometer which is paid as a fee for access to the railway infrastructure in cases where the railway carrier participates in the combined carriage of cargo.

  • Incentives in combined freight transport by road.

    (1) The owner or user of motor vehicles and trailer vehicles registered in the Republic of Croatia who, for 12 months from the date of the last validation of the vehicle's technical validity, have carried out cargo transport in the initial and/or the final segment to or from the railway combined terminal or transshipment station, shall be exempted from the obligation to pay the annual fee for the use of public roads up to a maximum of 50% payable on the registration of motor vehicles and motor vehicles, as determined by a special regulation. The exemption amount is calculated based on the number of realized freight transport in the initial and / or final sections, where 100 and more transports results in maximum exemption (50% of the fee).

Financial allocation

2,000,000.00 HRK (approx. 266 thousand EUR) per year. Funding is envisaged from state budget.